Who we are

MedHemScience is built by a group of experts with experience in every aspect of Hemofreeze development, manufacturing and distribution.  Hemofreeze has a history of more than 40 years successful usage and has earned a stable market and regular customers worldwide, such as blood and tissue banks, and hospitals, who rely on the stable supply of this life-saving product for critically and chronically ill patients.

Hemofreeze-bags are made of Kapton/Teflon which is biocompatible and highly resistant to mechanical strain at low temperatures down to -196 °C, what makes this product perfectly suitable for long term cryopreservation of cells, blood and tissue (components). 

HemoFreeze Bags

Hemofreeze bags

What we make

MedHemScience manufactures the Hemofreeze product with no change in design, characteristics or process. The transfer of equipment, process, documentation and training is facilitated and supervised by the former product owner Fresenius Kabi Eugendorf. Our team of experienced manufacturing, quality and marketing personnel takes pride in its responsibility for the reliable quality of the product and quality system.