MedHemScience serves, multinational, manufacturers of medical and health science devices, particularly producers that favour generic products, and b2b customers of these companies. The former regularly review their product portfolio and get rid of niche products with small markets, often at the end of their life cycle. The value of these products and markets is limited for the owner, sometimes to the extent that they prefer not to invest in the process of selling and hand-over. Rather, the production is stopped and the cost of winding down the related operations are accepted. In addition to these cost  the firm often disappoints its customers who want to continue using the product.

Their customers on the other hand, are attached to these niche products, usually because they are integrated into their validated and certified production process. Customers prefer to continue using the product and sometimes have requests for product improvements leading to a higher value.

MedHemScience has first engaged in Hemofreeze, a niche product for hospitals, blood and tissue banks and research and industrial firms in across Europe.

For the former manufacturers, MedHemScience creates the opportunity to reduce the cost of exit and to continue service to customers with a successor, thus contributing to taking responsibility for customers and often patients.

MedHemScience creates value for the product customers by taking over the above described products and ensuring continuing delivery. MedHemScience is able to produce relatively small quantities. MedHemScience typically explores with customers how desired product developments can be made feasible, thus extending the lifetime and value of the product.

Enjoy the comfort of years of experience in the manufacturing of Medical and Pharmaceutical products.